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UKiset Preparation

Ascent Prep offers UKiset preparation course.
​Ascent Prep has accumulated years of experience in preparing students to take UKiset since 2017. 
What is UKiset?

The UK Independant Schools' Entry Test(UKiset) is an age-standardised test of a student's broad academic ability. It tests English, Mathematics and Reasoning, and is able to tell prospective schools and parents how the student compares with other students at UK independent schools.

A large number of UK independent schools use the test as a first means of determining a student's suitability.

UKiset Preparation Course

Students will want to ensure that they perform to the best of their abilities in the UKiset test if they are to be offered a place at one of the UK's top schools. However, the type of questions employed in the UKiset test - especially those in verbal and non-verbal reasoning - may be unfamiliar to students from Hong kong.

The UKiset Preparation Course is designed to ensure that students know exactly what they will face, and how to tackle questions, and to give them plenty of practice of doing so.

Course Information
Individual lessons/Forming a group
Contact us to book a lesson!
Students of similar ability are welcome to join us as a group and enjoy a moderate price!
Call us or text us at +852 5990 9930.

"Ascent Prep has been instrumental in building Aidan up in Maths and English to prepare for his UKiset and school entrance exam. They are not only able to render their professional excellence in strengthening his weak areas intellectually, but also offered valuable advice, exam taking techniques and most importantly, uplifting encouragement to prepare his mind and his heart for his challenge.  Aidan was able to achieve excellent results, considering it was his first attempt."

—  Aidan| UKiset, 13+ Entrance Exam| Oundle

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