Our elite academic team have all graduated from top-tier universities. They are dedicated to their profession and have a lot to share with students. They can be a source of inspiration and mentorship. They can help students overcome any challenges they may face and help them achieve their academic goals.

GCSE/A Level Maths


Our Maths tutors will offer topic-based lessons, with an emphasis on exam practice, to ensure students are comfortable with both the fundamental and advanced topics. Our tutors will clearly explain all topics and show students simple, memorable methods to all question types to ensure top exam performance. 

GCSE/A Level Science

Our Science offerings are most suitable for remedial students. Our tutors will customise the instructional approach and topics covered to ensure the maximum grade improvement. Our tutors are experienced in teaching Physics, Chemistry and Biology and will ensure that students improve while keeping lessons fun and enjoyable.


Some of Ascent Prep's GCSE/A-Level/IB Preparation students are from the following schools:

Bellerbys College Brighton

Bromsgrove School

Cardiff Sixth Form College

Cheltenham Ladies' College

Diocesan Girls' School

Epsom College

Kellett International School

Queen Ethelburga's College

Ruthin School

St Catherine’s School

St. Stephen's College

Winchester College


Yew Chung International School

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