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1. Payment methods include:

  • Bank Transfer-Cheque-Credit Card


Course fees are NOT REFUNDABLE once the official receipt is issued.

Exceptional circumstances are listed under the Refund Policy section.



  • If students are late to class, the time will not be made up. 

  • If a student is unable to attend a class, the student/parent must notify AP at least 24 hours before the class. Make-up sessions will not be arranged if the notice does not satisfy this time period.

  • Absence with an official doctor’s certificate is eligible for make-up class(es). The certificate should be presented within seven days of the missed class.

  • Students are allowed to arrange one make-up class per individual course. The scheduled make-up class can only be attended by the student who missed the original class.

  • Make-up classes will be scheduled in the same week as the original (ie. absent) class. If the make-up class cannot be arranged. AP may arrange for the student to attend another class suitable to their age group. Students cannot carry the make-up classes over to another week.

  • AP does not guarantee that the offered choice(s) of available make-up class(es) will fit the student’s schedule. AP will not offer any refund or extra make-up classes if the student does not attend the offered make-up class(es) in the same week.

  • Materials from the missed class(es) will be distributed to the student if he/she is unable to attend the make-up class(es).



1. AP will refund the course fee in full only in the event of:

  •     the closure of AP before the commencement of the course(s); or

  •     the cancellation of a course previously confirmed by AP; or

  •     a course not taking place on the date and/or time stated by AP and the student declining alternative arrangements; or

  •     a course being terminated after its commencement and the student declining alternative arrangements.

2. AP’s refunds will be paid in the form of cheques and must be picked up at the centre. A signature will be required to confirm that the cheque has been received by the parent.




Terms and Conditions

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