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Our specialist teachers are committed to delivering more than just academic results and to student-centred learning. We want to inspire students to develop their own love of learning and encourage them to discuss their ideas and reflections with each other.
University College London (LLB)
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
UKiset, AEAS, English Literature, Spanish, 
School Admissions Prep, Geography, Biology, Law, Theatre Arts
University of Cambridge
UKiset, School Admissions Prep, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
University College London (LLB)
Trinity CertTESOL
UKiset, AEAS, School Admissions Prep, English Literature, Chemistry, Law, French

University of Hong Kong (MBBS)
London School of Economics and Political Science (BSc)

UKiset, School Admission Prep, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics

Oxford University (MSt)
Royal Holloway London (BMus) 
UKiset, English Language & Literature,
Music, IELTS
University of Hong Kong   (MBBS)
UKiset, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Religious Studies, Chinese, English Literature 
Berklee College of Music (BM)
UKiset, Mathematics, Economics, Psychology and Music Technology
Brown University (BA)
 English Literature, Creative Nonfiction Writing, Economics
Bachelor of Medicine and
Bachelor of Surgery Programme

Brown University (BA) 

UKiset, School Admissions Prep, English, Maths, English Literature, PSAT 

University of Hong Kong (MBBS)
London School of Pharmacy (Master of Pharmacy) 

Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry
Cass Business School (MSc)
University College London (BSc)
UKiset, School Admissions Prep,
University College London
London School of Economics and Political Science
Ukiset, English, Mathematics, Economics 
University of Newcastle (DBA)
University of Birmingham (MBA)
I/GCSE, AEAS, A-Level and IB Business,
Economics, English, Maths

University of Hong Kong(LLM)

University of Edinburgh (LLB)

UKiset, School Admission Prep, GCSEs, IB History, English, English Literature, Maths

University College London (MA)
University of Southampton (BSc)
English, Maths
Berklee College of Music 
UKiset, Mathematics, Economics, Psychology, Music Technology
University of Hong Kong (PhD)
University of Cambridge (MA)
UKiset, English, English Literature
University West (BSc) 
University of Gothenburg (BSc)
English, IELTS, Biology, Psychology
Oxford University (MA)
Oxford University (BA)
Sotheby’s Institute of Art (MA) 
King’s College London (BA)
French, French for Adults,
History, Geography, Business
香港大學 (PGDE語文教育系)