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About Us

Our Mission

Ascent Prep delivers inspirational teaching and excellent advice to help all of our students succeed at the best British and Australian boarding schools and universities. Founded in 2017, our mission is to prepare every student for the next step of their educational journey. This journey is a mountain and we are helping students ascend beyond expectations and reach their peak potential.

Teaching Offers

All of our courses and materials have been developed in-house by experts in their field. They are based on the curriculum that is taught in UK schools and a wide selection of school admissions tests. They focus on the knowledge and skills that students need to develop their ability and their wider skills.

Tell me, and I’ll forget.

Show me, and I’ll remember.

Involve me, and I’ll learn.

What do we do?

Our guidance and teaching ensures students aged 8-18 are able to:


make the right decision for them about which institutions to apply for;

succeed in the school admissions process;

and thrive from the moment they start in the UK.

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