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(consultancy + teaching)
Our consultancy and teaching services work hand in hand to provide an all-round package of support that allows us to analyse and evaluate students’ passions, academic strengths, and school requirements. We are then able to develop a bespoke education pathway for each of our students and provide comprehensive feedback on how students are progressing on their journey.
Choosing A UK School
Through our expert advice and excellent contacts within UK schools, we help families to find the right school for their child. We work with top schools across the UK and are on-hand to help parents and their children at every step of the journey. We do not ‘place’ children in schools, we help them to find and secure places at the right schools for them.
We offer free assessments for English, Maths, Science to understand a student’s current level and help families identify what support the student needs to ascend to the next level and reach their peak potential. 
Ukiset Preparation
Ascent Prep is the only accredited Ukiset preparation centre in Hong Kong. Our Ukiset course is officially approved, hence students who finish our preparation course have the right to retake the exam 3 months after his/her first attempt. (If students do not take our course, students can only retake the exam after 6 months.)
Interview Preparation
School Interviews are how schools get to know their prospective students. Schools have their  own considerations when selecting candidates. Being able to present yourself to the interviewer is the key to success. Our teachers are experienced  in delivering comprehensive and interactive training so that students are ready for any interviews they may face.
Common Entrance  Exam Preparation
The lessons are tailor-made for school entrance exams for different year groups and requirements in order to give students the best learning environment for their specific needs.
IELTS Preparation
Our qualified native teachers help you attain the language proficiency you need for any academic or career purpose. 
Our elite academic team have all graduated from top-tier universities.  They are dedicated to their profession and have a lot to share with students. They can be a source of inspiration and mentorship. They can help students overcome any challenges they may face and help them achieve their academic goals.
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