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This IELTS course is intended to give you an introduction to techniques and exercises that will
improve your total score on the IELTS test, as well as your general English in the process. This IELTS
course gives focus to the four parts of the test: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  

The lessons will dive into questions such as how to speak fluently, how to read critically, how to listen efficiently and how to write purposefully, giving you the proper tools and confidence before the actual IELTS exam.

ASCENT PREP幫助我更好的為IELTS做準備,本來對於這個考試我完全屬於門外漢,但是老師在第一節課就介紹了大概的內容,並且教了很多應試的技巧,比如寫作文時必不可缺的"FOREST",讓我在作文方面更好的去拓展詮釋我的觀點。老師也糾正了很多我的中式英語。再者SPEAKING & WRITING中我都有所獲益。因為我上課時間比較緊,老師也會根據我的能力,分配每份卷子的授課時間,針對薄弱項來專攻,讓我能夠更好的應付考試。在兩個月不到的課程裏,機構以及老師都給予了我不少幫助,很感謝他們。

—  Cassie, IELTS overall Band 7(Listening 8.5)

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