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What is Ascent Prep?

Ascent Prep is a brand new tuition centre, offering courses for 8 to 18 year olds, opening this Autumn. Our mission is to prepare every student for the next step of their educational journey and to support them to reach their peak potential.

We will deliver inspirational teaching and excellent advice to guide all of its students to become confident, well rounded learners who succeed at the best British boarding schools and universities.


Ascent Prep will be:

Obsessive about value added

Committed to delivering more than just academic results

Learner centered


We provide a range of services to help all of our students reach their peak potential. Our consultancy and teaching services work hand in hand to provide an all-round package of support that allows us to analyse and evaluate students’ passions, academic strengths, and school requirements. We are then able to develop a bespoke education pathway for each of our students and provide comprehensive feedback on how students are progressing on their journey.


Through our expert advice and excellent contacts within UK schools, we help families to find the right school for their child. We work with top schools across the UK and are on-hand to help parents and their children at every step of the journey. We do not ‘place’ children in schools, we help them to find and secure places at the right schools for them.


We offer free assessments for English, Maths and UKiset to understand a student’s current level and help families identify what support the student needs to ascend to the next level and reach their peak potential. 


We deliver a range of programmes to help prepare students for UK institutions, develop their core skills and enhance their subject knowledge. Our specialist teachers are committed to delivering more than just academic results and to student-centred learning. We want to inspire students to develop their own love of learning and encourage them to discuss their ideas and reflections with each other.

1:1 tuition
Group tuition

Maximum 4 Students

Per Class

Group programmes

Maximum 6 Students

Per Class

Intensive seasonal courses

You should join us if you are:

aiming to apply to a UK boarding school

in the process of applying to UK boarding schools

already at a UK boarding school

studying for international exams

wanting to improve your subject knowledge 

 wanting to challenge yourself and go beyond the school curriculum 

looking to enhance your wider skills


All of our courses and materials have been developed in-house by experts in their field. They are based on the curriculum that is taught in UK schools and a wide selection of school admissions tests. They focus on the knowledge and skills that students need to develop their academic ability and their wider skills.

1:1 and Group tuition:

Our 1:1 and small group tuition classes are suitable for students looking for support in a particular area or who are working towards a particular goal. Our expert tutors tailor lessons to students’ needs and are able to identify and strengthen students’ weakest areas.


We offer lessons in:



UKiset preparations


School admissions preparation

Interview preparation

Group programmes:

Our group programmes are suitable for 10-13 year olds who are looking to develop the key skills UK schools are looking for. The courses help students prepare for admissions tests, whilst developing their confidence, communication skills and critical thinking skills. All of our programmes consist of ten 90 minute lessons. Our Climber programmes are for 9-11 year olds, our Explorer programmes are for 12-14 year olds. and our Pathfinder programmes are for 14 - 17 year olds. 

cambridge model programme


Ascent Prep's 'Cambridge Model' is inspired by the learning environment of a Cambridge college. In an innovative approach designed to combine individual study with debating skills, students pursue personalised study plans to develop different English skills in reading and writing all kinds of texts, from creative literature to newspaper articles, based on the UK curriculum. 


In class, they carry out the guided sections of their study plan with each exercise based on feedback from the previous exercise. The group-session elements of the programme are also opportunities to develop both critical and presentation skills. Students engage in group discussion on the texts they are reading, presenting them to each other and then discussing their quality and the ideas they raise. The programme is made possible by the relatively small class size, so that each student must engage in discussions and the tutor is able to attend to any individual questions throughout the class. 

English: reading

This course focuses on developing students’ critical reading skills. Students are exposed to a variety of high-quality English texts and learn how to analyse literary works and offer critical commentary. Students are also taught how to develop and use their knowledge of contextual information, which can enrich literary analysis. Student are encouraged to discuss their opinions and thoughts, and given the opportunity to practise and improve their written responses to texts.

English: WRITING

This course focuses on developing students’ writing skills across a range of styles. Students are introduced to a variety of key writing concepts and then given the opportunity to apply these ideas in practical workshops. By the end of the course, students will be able to plan and write a variety of texts. Students are encouraged to think creatively, discuss their ideas and reflect on their own work and the work of others. 

Communicating Effectively 

This course equips students with greater confidence in a range of different speaking styles. Students are introduced to the key concepts in acting and debate, and then given the opportunity to apply these concepts in practical workshops. Students will learn to speak confidently in front of a group, analyse speeches and deliver them, and be able to take part in a debate. 

Critical problem solving

This course let students learn to evaluate ideas through the use of evidence and logic, understand different social issues and contemporary ethics, and express sound , verbal logic and written arguments efficiently and precisely. They go on to conduct their own research to complete an independent college-style essay project, developing the critical and creative skills needs by tomorrow's Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. 

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