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Ascent Prep is accredited by AEAS to offer their Official School and Test Preparation Courses. The courses will be delivered by our qualified native English-speaking tutors. The AEAS official test preparation course developed by AEAS is highly recommended in order to get students familiar
with the test components and develop their genuine English level and skills.

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What is AEAS?

Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) are the gateway to first class

schools in Australia, who rely on the AEAS Report to provide information about

students' abilities that is independent of the students' school reports. It is essen-

tially an entrance test which assists the school in deciding to accept the student's

application and determining the support required upon commencement at the


AEAS test students from Years 4 to 12 with papers designed specifically for the Year 4-6, Year 7-9 and Year 10-12 groups. Students may be advised to sit the test after applying to an Australian school, or may sit the test before applying to schools. You can find out more about which schools accept the AEAS test here.

The AEAS Test is more than an English language proficiency test. It includes English Language Proficiency (2 hours), Mathematical Reasoning Ability (30-45 minutes) and Non-Verbal General Ability (approx. 30 minutes). Testing takes approximately 3 hours.

For a detailed breakdown of the test sections, please see here

AEAS Test Preparation Course

The preparation course focuses on genuine development of English language skills across 5 modules completed in a total of 30 hours: reading, writing, speaking, listening and vocabulary. Students will be supported in developing the skills and critical thinking abilities required to respond to test questions and score high marks. Practice tests are available at the end of each module to build students’ confidence in preparing for the AEAS Test.

There are 3 year level groups for students to enrol in: Year 4-6, Year 7-9 and Year 10-12.

AEAS School Preparation Course

Consisting of 6 modules to be completed in a total of 40 hours, this course focuses on developing students’ English language and study skills needed for success in classrooms at international and overseas schools. Students will improve confidence in communicating in English, while learning practical language skills directly from qualified and experienced native English-speaking teachers. 


The 6 modules are:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Vocabulary

  • Review 


On completion of all 6, students will receive an official AEAS School Preparation Course Certificate to support applications to international and overseas schools. Learn more about the course here.

Individual Lessons/Forming a Group
Contact us on +852 2351 6132 to book a lesson.
Students of similar ability are welcome to join us as a group and enjoy a moderate price!
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